There is a variety of accommodation in the area of the university. Many students live around here, and some may live a bit farther away where the rent is cheaper. They usually stay in one-room apartments which come with a bathroom and furniture. Nowadays it is easy and quick to travel by Skytrain and subway, so some students prefer living away from the university. The rent ranges from 3,500 - 8,000 Baht or more per month, depending on the location and level of comfort.


In the university, the canteens and the restaurant lounge serve a variety of reasonably-priced food.  Since eating is one of the favorite habits of Thais, it is not surprising that there are a lot of food shops and food stalls around the university, especially in the evening.   Here are some rough prices you can expect at this type of eating place.

1. Noodles/Rice meal        30 - 40 Baht  (On campus)

2. Noodles/Rice meal        35 - 50 Baht  (Outside)

3. Cup of coffee                20 - 35 Baht

4. Bottle of water               5 - 10 Baht

5. Bus fare                        9 - 21 Baht

Wat Arun, is one of Bangkok’s most iconic temples, with a stunning riverside location, unique design and towering central pagoda. It is known locally as “Wat Chaeng” or in English as “the Temple of Dawn”.  You can climb the steep steps to get great views over the Chao Phraya River. To get there from Dhonburi Rajabhat University, take Bus 57 or a taxi.   It is around 2.5 kilometers from the university and the journey takes approximately 10 minutes by bus.


Pak Khlong Talat is a market  that sells flowers, fruits and vegetables. It is the biggest wholesale and retail fresh flower market in Bangkok. It is close to Memorial Bridge and the Saphan Phut Chao Phraya pier. It is approximately 1.8 kilometers from the university. Buses  3, 7 and  82 from Ban Khaek intersection can take you there.


Chinatown or “Yaowarat” is well known for a variety of food, market stalls, street-side restaurants and a lot of gold shops. At night, outdoor dining is set up along Yaowarat Road, with a fun atmosphere. It is around 4.4 kilometers from the university. We can take bus 40 in front of the university to reach Chinatown, or bus 4, 7 or 21 from Ban Khaek intersection.


Santa Cruz Church is an old Catholic church, built in 1770. The church is the legacy of contacts with Portugal that date back to the 16th century. It was first built in wood but in 1835, but later a second church was built to replace the wooden one.  In 1916 the third and present version of Santa Cruz Church was built by two Italian architects. Apparently this church had a rather Chinese design. So the villagers named the church “Kudi Jeen” or Chinese church.  It is 1 kilometer away from the university.


Siriraj Medical Museum is a forensic museum on the grounds of Siriraj Hospital. Some of the museum’s displays are quite gruesome. It is 4.3 kilometers from the university and there are different buses to reach the museum.


Wat Rakang or the Temple of Bells is an Ayutthaya-period temple on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. A sacred bell was found there, and the temple got its name due to this discovery.  The highlight of this traditional Thai-style temple is the wihan hall with a seated Buddha statue and murals.  It is 2.9 kilometers from the university. Buses 57 and 710 can take you there.


You can see a lot of Thonburi by riding a longtail boat, which will take you around the small canals off of the Chao Phraya River.  Here you’ll see traditional Thai life as it’s still lived in the wooden houses on stilts, at the floating market and in numerous other places.   Longtail boats can be hired from any major tourist pier, like the River City, Taksin Bridge, Chang or Maharaj piers. These are all not far from the university.

1. Thaksin Hospital is  1.8 kilometers  away.

2. Somdech Phra Pinklao  Hospital is  2.6 kilometers from the university.

3. Siriraj Hospital, oldest and largest hospital is   2.8 kilometers away, which can be reached by buses 57, 149,177 or 710, or by minibus.

4. Lerdsin Hospital is 3 kilometers  away.


1. Thonburi Hospital  is  3 kilometers  away.

2. Phyathai Hospital 3  is 3 kilometers away.

3. Samitivej Hospital  is  4.4 kilometers away.