Life in BKK


Thailand is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, and most visitors spend at least a few days in Bangkok. Alongside the tall buildings and upscale shopping malls, tourists will find many ways to spend their time, from monuments and cultural attractions to street bazaars and night life. Even though it is a big city, for many Bangkokians the pace of life is rather slow. You can feel the relaxed atmosphere on a ferry across the Chaophraya River, for instance. Despite this, the area along the river is changing fast, as exemplified by the evening entertainment venue Asiatique.

Bangkok has a population of around 10 million. It is a very diverse place, where people from various parts of the country rub shoulders with foreigners from all over the world. Bangkok has everything to suit people with different incomes and lifestyles. All kinds of food can be found here. With so many foreigners living and working in Thailand, international food is available in tourist areas, supermarkets, department stores and hotels. At the same time, Thai dishes like papaya salad, Pad Thai, Tom Yam, green curry are easy to find. Food prices vary depending on where you go. In any case, people living here usually do not miss the food of their home country, because they can find all kinds of things here.

Bangkok is also a great place for shopping. We have wholesales markets for different products in different parts of Bangkok. Many people enjoy walking around the different types of market, from upscale to street markets, and best of all the gigantic weekend market called Chatuchak. Different products are unbelievably cheap, so that few if any tourists go back home with empty hands. It is fun to shop in Bangkok.

Thai people are generally friendly and generous, and this is one of the reasons the country is known as "the Land of Smiles". Thais are usually favorably disposed to foreigners and can go out of their way to make them feel welcome. However, it is like anywhere else in that we have both good and bad people.

Transportation in Bangkok is quite convenient, if slowed by the ubiquitous traffic. There are different means of getting around, including BTS (the Skytrain), MRT (the subway), taxis, express boats, air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses, tuk-tuks, and motorcycle-taxis. The conditions of some city buses may not be as modern as in western cities, but the fare is extremely low. When people stay in a certain area, they will soon figure out what transportation suits them, depending on where they need to go. Tuk-tuks are quite convenient for short trips, although you have to negotiate the fare before boarding. Even though motorcycles are a relatively dangerous mode of transport, many people use motorcycle-taxis to get where they are going.

Bangkok is generally a safe city. There are no high crimes zones in the city, and the threat from terrorists is minimal. However, it's best to avoid walki