Message from the Director

The International College Establishment Project has been founded in order to give students from various backgrounds the tools to compete successfully beyond Thailand's borders. The growing importance of ASEAN, economically and otherwise, suggests that new generations of students will require international competence. Already we find more and more people traveling and moving to different countries for employment in our increasingly borderless world. Even those who stay here may find themselves interacting with foreign companies or individuals regularly. For all of these situations, an international education is ideal preparation. Currently we offer four programs that have been tailored for the current situation. I strongly believe that our students will be equipped with solid knowledge of both academic and practical nature. Our international college establishment project consists of qualified and responsible teachers who can provide an English-speaking learning environment akin to immersion. In addition, our students have the option to study abroad for a semester, which is further preparation for international work. In sum, we believe that our graduates will have a bright future after studying with us.