Overall of DRUIC


The International College of Dhonburi Rajabhat University is easily accessible via different means of transportation, and going to different parts of Bangkok is very convenient. The International College can be reached by BTS at Wong Wian Yai station, which is a 20 minute walk. The university is on the Thonburi side (west bank) of the Chaopraya River, in an area of historical significance. It is on the 14th floor, Building 1. Each classroom is equipped with audio-visual equipment, wireless internet and air-conditioning. It currently offers two majors: (1) Business English and (2) Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

All subjects are taught in English. Teaching and learning here is focused on students. The students have been trained and encouraged to build up confidence for speaking in class and in front of other people. Since it is a small group, students are taken good care of by our teachers and receive close supervision and guidance. Our teachers have tried to arrange in-class and out-of-class activities related to the subjects in order to expand the students' vision and real-world knowledge. All students' English skills have improved, especially their speaking and listening. Teachers aim to assign tasks that require students to analyze and think systematically.

The Business English program takes 3 years (6 regular semesters and 2 summers) and the Hospitality and Tourism Industry program takes 3.5 years (7 regular semesters and 2 summers). We currently have a student exchange program with the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism in Taiwan. Every year our students go to study in NKUHT for a semester and transfer the credit earned to DRU. At the same time, NKUHT students come to study at DRU for a semester.

We make great efforts in teaching and advising our students, because we would like them to learn not only their academic subjects, but also morality and a sense of responsibility to society. We believe that our students will be qualified to become good assets in any organization.